Parisian Eats

Now for the real reason we made the trek to Paris, FOOD! Here are some of our favorite bakeries and restaurants from  our trip…


This place has been around since the 60’s and only serves one thing, steak frites. They do one thing and they do it well!



We stopped here for breakfast before Le Louvre. The Chocolat Chaud is to die for, I also got the eggs benedict which was delicious.

L’As du Falafel


Falafel in Le Marais is a MUST! There are a few places to choose from but everyone we talked to said this was top notch. Seriously the best falafel I have ever eaten.

Ober Mamma


Get the Napoli Badass, you will thank me!

Max Poilâne


I ate at least one baguette a day on this trip, when in Paris, right? This was by far my favorite, and the apple tarts are perfection.



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