Vintage Luxe

What is Vintage Luxe you ask? It is the mixture of current yet classic pieces with treasures found along the way and it is my fashion philosophy. The journey is the most important aspect of life and quality is much more important than quantity. I learned from my mother that paying for the high end classic pieces from the best labels is an investment and certain pieces always appreciate. I taught myself to dig through racks of vintage clothes in Haight Ashbury, flea markets in Helsinki, and roadside turquoise artisans in the middle of Utah to find the one of a kind garments and jewelry that have become like old friends in my wardrobe.

Follow me on my quest  for more old friends in the fabulous ensembles I wear, eating food I love, meeting amazing people and discovering the places I go in the Bay Area and around the World ✧






Outfit Details:
Hat :: Janessa Leone
Top :: American Apparel
Belt :: Hermes
Bracelets :: David Yurman
Shoes :: Jeffrey Campbell
Pants/ Turquoise Jewelry/ Bag :: Vintage


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