My beauty must haves.

beauty products

When it comes to beauty products I am very loyal.  With my busy life, I also like to keep it simple and natural.

Here are a few my tried and true beauty regime that I use every day.


This heavy moisturizing creme was developed by  Dr. Max Huber to treat his skin after he was burned in a lab accident.  It is a bit pricey, but a little bit goes a long way, and I have noticed a difference in my skin.  One tub of it usually lasts me six months to a year.


This brow kit  by benefit changed my life!  I think that brows are one of the most important parts of a beauty routine because they frame the eyes.  My brows have a great arch, but are not as thick as I’d like, and this little kit does the trick.  It comes with 2 colors of brow shadow, brow wax, highlighter, translucent shadow and mini tweezers for those stray hairs that you didn’t see when you left the house.  One set usually lasts about a year which is great.


The Nars eyeshdow duo called Isolde makes my blue green eyes POP!  I use the lighter color on my lid and the darker one as a wet liner.  It works with every eye color, and is subtle yet beautiful to wear on a daily basis.


I have been using bare minerals original formula for 8 years and will never go back to any other powder/foundation.  It really buffs away any blemishes, and has a sunscreen which is great for my fair skin.


RMS beauty’s Living Luminzer is a way to illuminate your skin without being shiny or glittery.  I put it on my cheekbones, in the corners of my eyes and on my eyelids to get a beautiful, natural glow.


I am a lip balm addict an I use Burt’s Bees at least 4 times a day.  The hydrating formula with coconut and pear is yummy and keep my lips soft and smooth.


Being a blonde, my hair can get really dry and brittle at the ends.  I use Kerastase Crystalliste to combat the dryness.  This product is wonderful to use once a week to get a surge of moisture in your hair.  It is expensive, but one tub also lasts me about a year, so I feel like it is an investment.  I leave it on for 2 hours and then wash it out and I definitely feel a difference in my hair.


And finally, my signature scent!  I actually found this at a little sundry shop in Missoula, Montana and love it so much that when I ran out, I ordered a bigger bottle.  It is by Maison de la Vanille which is based in Provence, France.  They have  plethora of Vanilla scents from around the world but mine is Vanille Givree des Antilles.  It is a sweet and spicy vanilla scent that is not too overpowering.  It is my last step before I walk out the door.


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