Commis Oakland

Roger and I celebrated our seventh anniversary of being together with an unforgettable dinner at Commis in Piedmont.  We have been hearing about this restaurant ever since we moved to Oakland and this was  the perfect occasion to try this Michelin rated, seven course prix fixe menu and this was a dining experience like no other!

We were greeted by our server and he explained to us that the restaurant has a nightly tasting menu paired with wine selections to complement certain courses.  Each course was described when served and the meal service was seamless.  The head sommelier came over and introduced himself and came by throughout our meal to pour our wine pairings and give us the details and history of the wine.

The food was inventive, delectable and otherworldly.  We sat at the chef’s counter which enabled us to watch these masters in action and made our mouths water.

Here is my picture timeline of the meal with some details, ending with a copy of the menu for the night that they gave us to commemorate our amazing meal.

Commis was the best place to celebrate our anniversary and offers some of the best service I have ever had at a restaurant in the Bay Area.


warm custard with pine nut, hakusuru, ‘sho-une’, kobe prefecture


dungeness crab with coral and dried pickled celeriac


winter brassicas with hazelnuts, capers, licorice herbs


freshly baked bread with salted butter


smoked trout roe with herbal yogurt, malt vinegar and warm jerusalem artichoke


red snapper with brown rice, turnips, ginger, scallions


charcoal grilled lamb saddle with grains, wheatgrass, chicories


raw sheeps cheese tart with blueberries and thyme


sorghum ice cream with macron almonds and olive oil


cara cara with dark chocolate sable and coconut creme


pink grapefruit pate de fruit, vanilla chocolate milk, chocolate peppermint

The thoughtful menu:

IMG_0006 IMG_0007


One comment

  1. Looks delicious! Especially the lamb. Lamb is my favorite. lol

    I’ve only ever been in one Michelin-star restaurant in my whole life, and I agree that the food is otherworldly. What I usually eat pales in comparison. That’s the shitty part about eating Michelin-star food. They totally outdo what you can do. haha

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